Processing Forms

This page and the Common Personnel Actions page are meant to complement each other. This page speaks directly to processing various forms. The Common Personnel Actions page is a reference of what needs to be done to process various member actions

Personnel Officers assist the commander by maintaining member records and by processing all forms of member actions. These include appointments and duty assignments, transfers, promotions, and awards. The way in which many of these items has changed in recent years, and Tennessee Wing has delegated certain actions to units below Wing Headquarters. As a result, the approval path for various actions can be confusing. This page will summarize the best practices for processing the most common personnel actions squadrons handle.

This is not an exhaustive list of all forms; only the personnel-related forms most commonly used by squadrons/groups. Information on other deliverables such as annual budgets/finance forms can be found on the Unit Suspense Schedule.

General Guidelines

Know Where/When to Send

In most cases, Wing does NOT need a copy of the form.

If regulations don't require an information copy to Wing or Wing approval isn't required, the form should not be sent to Wing.

Process Forms Electronically if Possible

Almost all forms can be submitted/processed/signed electronically. The fact that the commander's name is typed in the signature box and the form is sent to the next echelon from the commander's email address is sufficient for "signature". If multiple levels of approval are needed, Wing can create a Sertifi signature request to capture electronic signatures. Please utilize these approval mechanisms instead of printing/signing/re-scanning forms because the print quality of the form is reduced with each print/scan iteration. Only a few forms such as CAPF83 and initial membership documents require an "ink" signature. Wing highly recommends using electronic signatures when possible.

EVEN IF INK SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED, PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE FORMS BY HAND. All forms are available a fillable Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat documents & all squadrons should have access to a computer, so please complete these forms electronically. For forms that require an ink signature, please fill out as much of the form as possible via computer, then print and complete the signature by hand. This makes forms much more legible. Illegible forms will be returned.

CAP Form 2 (Promotions)

Processing promotions is potentially one of the most complex member actions, so they are discussed on a separate page.

CAP Form 2A (Miscellaneous Personnel Actions)

CAP Form 2A is a versatile form. Many actions can now be handled in e-Services, but the form is still useful form some actions. The approval authority/submission path varies based on what's being done. Unless Wing Commander approval is required, a copy does not need to be sent to Wing.

Duty Assignments & Status Change (Section II)

Duty assignments are typically made in e-Services instead of on CAPF2A. See the Common Personnel Actions page for more information.

For transfers from Cadet Sponsor status to regular senior member status, fill in Section II as "From Cadet Sponsor to Active Status".

For transfers between Patron and Active status, fill in Section to as "From Patron Status to Active Status" or "From Active Status to Patron Status", whichever is appropriate. Note that if a member is transferring from Patron Status to Active Status, the commander must do the same I-9 verification that is done for other members if it hasn't been done before. The Form 2A should have an annotation in Section VI clarifying that the verification has been done.

Suspensions are done by annotating Section II as "From Active Status to Suspended Status". The reasons for and term of the suspension should be in Section VI.

Forms 2A for any of these actions should be submitted to National Headquarters ( Additionally, for suspension actions a copy should be sent to the member IAW CAPR 35-1 paragraph 2-2b.

Activity & Service Ribbons (Section III)

Approval authority for almost all of these has been delegated to the unit commander in Tennessee Wing's supplement to CAPR 39-3. The exceptions are the Cadet Competition and Color Guard Competition Ribbons...Wing Command approval is required. Wing typically gathers signatures via Sertifi, so these CAPF2As for Cadet Competition and Color Guard Competition Ribbons can be sent to and Wing will create the Sertifi request.

NOTE: There is an Activity & Service Ribbon application in e-Services, but this is currently for PREVIOUSLY APPROVED awards. Initial approval must still be done on CAPF 2A at this time.

Transfers (Section IV) and Retirements (Section V)

These are now done in e-Services. Go to Personnel, select Membership System, and select the appropriate application.

CAP Forms 12 and 15 (Membership Applications)

These are completed by the unit and sent to National Headquarters. In all cases, the CAPF12 is submitted along with a fingerprint card. Wing does not need a copy of the CAPF 12, CAPF 15 or the fingerprint card.

Special Cases

Cadets transitioning to Senior membership do so on CAPF12 with the annotation "Cadet to ACTIVE - No Charge" in red across the top.

Cadet Sponsor Members join via CAPF12 with the annotation "CADET SPONSOR" in red across the top and with the name & CAPID of the cadet they're sponsoring listed on the Form 12.

Individuals joining as Patron members do so via CAPF12 with the annotation "PATRON MEMBER" in red across the top.

Retired members wishing to rejoin do so via CAPF12 with the annotation "RETIRED MEMBER RETURNING TO ACTIVE STATUS" in red across the top.

Aerospace members wishing to become active senior members do so via CAPF12 with the annotation "AEM to Active - NO CHARGE" in red across the top.

CAP Forms 17 and 31 (Senior Member and Cadet Activities)

Use of these forms is at the discretion of the event director/commander. If they are required and if they require Wing approval, they can be sent to Wing and a Sertifi signature request will be set up. Please indicate where the approved form should be sent along with the approval deadline. Please submit forms well in advance to allow time for all needed approvals.

Be sure to put the event/activity name on the form where it's requested (sometimes it's requested on both the front and back of the form). Forms are not complete if this information is missing and are likely to be returned to the originating unit. This causes delays in getting the form to activity personnel which is not desirable.

CAP Form 24

Professional Development Awards are now done via the PD Award Entry module in e-Services. This is difficult to find because it's under Personnel (Personnel, Membership System, PD Award Entry) instead of Professional Development. Award submission via the online system is highly recommended; therefore, CAPF24 is largely not needed.

CAP Form 60-80 (Cadet Permission Slip)

These should be sent as directed by the activity director. For unit-level activities, they should simply be maintained at the unit. They don't need to be sent to Group or Wing unless the appropriate commander requests them.

Personnel Authorizations and Participation Letters

These aren't forms per se, but you may still be involved in processing them. In general, they do not need approval beyond the unit. The commander simply needs to sign the document.