Unit Staffing & Committees

Unit Staffing

Units must be aware of several restrictions regarding duty assignments.
  • The unit commander may not serve as the Finance Officer (CAPR 173-1 para 8), Testing Officers (CAPR 40-2 para 6.5), Chaplain (CAPR 265-1 para 5b), Inspector General or  (CAPR 20-1 para 7.7.2).
  • Commanders cannot serve as Investigating Officers for complaints in the IG channel (CAPR 20-1 para 7.7.2)
  • In general, Inspectors General should not serve in other positions (except as provided in CAPR 20-1 for meeting PD requirements) (CAPR 20-1 para 7.7.1 and 7.7.5)
  • Chaplains may not serve as Commanders, Deputy Commanders or Testing Officers and may not be appointed as Investigating Officers (CAPR 265-1 para 5b). They may not serve as Inspectors General (CAPR 20-1 para 7.7.4).


Squadrons are required by regulation to have several committees/boards, and there are some guidelines regarding the makeup of those committees.

Committees can be assigned via personnel actions but can also be appointed via the Duty Assignment module in e-Services. The Finance Committee is also listed on the annual CAP Form 172; units should make sure that online committee assignments match the current CAPF 12.

Promotion Board (CAPR 35-5 para 1-10)

  • Must have at least three members
  • Chair should be equal to or higher in grade than the grade being recommended
  • If an NCO promotion is being considered, it is recommended that at least one senior NCO be on the board

Awards Board (CAPR 39-3 para 7)

  • Must consist of three members
  • Personnel Officer is a required member

Finance Committee (CAPR 173-1 para 9c)

  • Unit Commander must be chair
  • Finance Officer must be a member
  • Must have at least three members
  • Per TNWG Supplement to CAPR 35-1, no person assigned as Finance Officer or as a member of the finance committee may be a relative of the commander or a member of the commander's immediate household